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Current rating: 2.8



Current rating: 2.8
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2009-11-10 15:12:57
He's just messing with you, there's no hidden meaning. I call Chewbakka!

"Why would a Wookiee, an eight-foot tall Wookiee, want to live on Endor, with a bunch of two-foot tall Ewoks? That does not make sense!"

theFreeman - unregistered

2009-11-10 20:23:48
omg... is this even a drawing?<br />first I thought this is some kind of supermario world map zoomed out...<br />but it would be a good start... if you would not be a programmer :D

XY - unregistered

2009-11-11 01:55:56
Ohhh... It looks like h^i=c/pi.
If there is no secret message, then this is the lamest "drawing" I ever saw.

hiddenmeaning - unregistered 2009-11-12 22:11:48
the secret message is => h ii pi :D -> hippi

Z - unregistered

2009-11-13 04:56:45
Seriously, Daver's "drawings" are a lot like Skoo's (from Weebl's Stuff) toons, with the notable exception of not being funny.
IMO not updating would be better if there is no time.
(Of course original Tenshiko artwork is always appreciated :)

Tommy - unregistered

2009-11-10 02:33:40
Best comic. Ever. xD

XY - unregistered

2009-11-10 14:23:50
Is this some kind of formula? What do the letters mean? I don't get it, please tell me :'(


2009-11-10 14:39:52
>> XY
If you mean C#, than it is a programming language...

And if you have mistaken Daver's drawings for the letters 'h' and 'pi', they aren't letters. They are a chair and a desk... (At first I also thought they were letters...)


2009-11-10 14:41:38
The chair and the table has a hidden meaning... Planck's Pi... Planck's favourite apple pie...


2009-11-13 12:24:40
I am flattered that you guys like my drawings so much, but that doesn't mean you should be rude! Daver can not draw, but he sits behind a lot of jokes presented here.

Luckily he has me to do all the art stuff. This was the first time I didn't finish with the comics on time.

I will come back next week, I promise, and I will do a 'storyline week' soon, with new updates everyday!

<3 U