also known as "List of Fun"

Cross-platform entertainment
Boarding party
Just might, no magic Not enough movement.
The reason we watch TV shows Girls & Boys included.
Munchkin Isn't it worth it?
Control Engineering Just never gets old...
The rise of Nasaboy - part 6 Don't play with your food!
The rise of Nasaboy - part 5 The next part of the storyline
Exam Period Always...
The rise of Nasaboy - part4 OMG, what a twist! :)
The rise of Nasaboy - part3 again, the story continues...
Spring Why Bizkit doesn't like spring...
A wish came true... What's the point in making them happy? After a while they'll only end up drowning in the water or blowing up on one of your roller coasters...
The rise of Nasaboy - part2 the story continues...
The rise of Nasaboy - part1 We pick up where we left off.
Dirty talk I agree, sometimes it is weird how us, programmers can talk dirty to each other.
TMN See why I don't like managers...?
Nobody messes with Grandpa Jack! Seriously... You wouldn't risk it either...
New Sheriff In Town But writers stay the same...
Work, work A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.
Daisy ... you drive me crazy
Railroading Stop it! Really. I mean it!
Programmer's Guide to Life - part 2 Yes, this IS the algorithm of cooking. See? That's not so hard! So next time, try to cook something other than tea!
Recycling I like Bon Jovi. But listening to their discography feels like I'm listening to the same 2 or 3 albums over and over again...
Romance As Russel T Davis said: Every romantic scene would be better with a Dalek!
May the Source be with You no comment
Perils of character customization Next time, consider this before making a character that you think is funny...
Bizkit's Homework From the bottom of my heart...
The magical world of Linux sudo make me a sandwich Now I understand :D
How to escape from Facebook No more farm. No more Café. No more pets, or fishes. No more "What insanely ridiculous thing would you be?" - quiz!
Family quarrel And the Oscar goes to the ex-wife...
Programmer's Guide to Life - part 1 Girls, you should print this one out and hang it somewhere around the laundry!
Halo Beautiful Believe me, I would have done the same...
Programmer's Heaven and Hell What are our options today at software development?
Blackout And suddenly the world is a whole new place!
Compensation In life every living being has to compensate its disadvantages with something.
Homework Honestly. Don't you do the same all time?
Valentine's Day Or how to get the attention of gamer boys
The big date - pt9 ...and the last part of this story.
Your Mom and other cleaning machines...
The big date - pt8 An epic chunk of the dating story. (only one, last part is ahead!)
Daylight I've seen it. Did you?
Progressive Seriously... 5 minutes is never enough for you people...
Adama and Indiana Jones sitting in a bar Yes, they have met. In another movie of course...
Goal of a lifeline I was really bored when they first tried to teach me UML 2.0
RPG I love RPGs! I really do! But c'mon... seriously?!
Exams Inspired by real life, dedicated to our dear friends here on the 18th floor... :)
Epic Battle - part1 The first anime-related (Dragon Ball) comic on Perpendicular Reality.
Kirk and Sheridan sitting in a bar The title speaks for itself...
Merry Christmas! Winter break is here, Merry Christmas everyone!
The big date - pt7 A little briefing: Fair Prince took Cybergirl to a dinner. Shady Guy finished his evil machine and created a vampire. Dave is helplessly in love with Cybergirl. But what will happen next?
The big date - pt 6 Going on with the story. Did you figure out what Shady Guy's machine does? Well, here's a clue.
Autumn Bizkit about autumn.
The big date - pt 5 Back to the storyline!
The plan Let's hope they won't be mad about Dollhouse...
RTS I can't remember why I haven't played any strategy games lately. Oh, wait, I remember! That's why...
Peach is a color Yes it is. And that's that.
Global Warming I want it to snow!
Fingers The one where everyone suddenly has fingers.
See, I'm perfectly good at 3D Daver proves himself... (I'm coming back with the next update)
Programmers The first comic all done by Daver himself. :)
Why we all love dr Who A simple reason why we all love dr Who.
The great things men can do Everyone can be a superhero!
The big date - pt4 this is gonna be a really long story....
The big date pt3 Now the actual date...
I scream therefore I am What is a great sci-fi movie without a dramatic scream?
The big date - pt2 And now the story continues...
Grapefruit This comic is dedicated to Randall Munroe, creator of xkcd, hero of the internet, born on the 17th of October. Happy Birthday Randall! <3
The big date - pt1 Do you want to know what happened on the Cybergirl-Fair Prince date?
Guys and lightsabers If you know what I mean... Dedicated to <3
Programmer Graffiti Based on a true story, inspired by <3
Garbage Collector - Schönherz Qpa Special It is okay if it absolutely makes no sense to you.
Selective hearing What do men and dogs have in common?
Prince Charming In addition to the 'Mr Perfect' story.
Reality Bizkit about reality
Multitasking Now, think about what we could have accopmlished by now if there were more women working in the IT sector...
Lullaby Perpendicular Darth Vader is back!
Mr Perfect - pt3 ...and now the ending
Mr Perfect - pt2 The 'Mr Perfect' story continues...
The only solution of generation gap.
Mr Perfect - pt1 The one where Cybergirl meets the 'perfect guy'.
Summer Introducing the new character: Bizkit.
The game The first rule of the game: any time you think about it, you lose.
The inevitable Someone had to make this joke...
The cat Even the bad guys can have a heart...
ATAT I've always wondered why did the Empire lose, when they had the Emperor, Darth Vader, all the political power and an indestructible space station against a smuggler, a complaining princess and a hotheaded rookie Jedi.
Famous last words ... of a noob in CS.
Cylons Do you hear that music?
The wizard The first moments of Harry Potter's career as a wizard.
The skirt Why is Cybergirl wearing trousers? Here's the answer.
Fate of the redshirts I'm sure most Star Trek fans are familiar with the word 'redshirt'...
Transformers 2 Cybergirl and friends go to the movies.
Nextgen jokes The next generation of Star Trek jokes
Spice How would you link food with mathematics?
Geography How Michael Bay originally got the idea for Transformers 2
I hate it... ... when I play a video game for HOURS, I almost save the universe and at the most cathartic moment, my Xbox360 can't read the damn disk and quits the game. Without saving or attempting to continue the game of course...
I swear therefore I am How to achieve PG with your TV show but still have curse words in it
Where no man has gone Another Star Trek joke.
Superheroes' fault (pt2) Remember last week's Cybergirl mission? Read the ending now!
Literature and Mathematics How would you make a liberal arts student understand what is to like about mathematics?
Superheroes' fault (pt1) The first appearance of Cybergirl (in the comic).
Why they call it NCC-1701 Ever wondered why they named it NCC-1701 USS Enterprise?
300 jokes What is wrong with coding in Java?
Adamameter The chart of universal badassness
The Lovechart A chart explaining the different kinds of relationships
Fringed Something goes wrong with the new hit show...
Beginning of a beautiful friendship Beginning of Nasaboy and Cybergirl's story in an innocent way...
Every comic has a beginning... QuintoSpock and PineKirk faces a black hole...
Something is coming Just a little teaser...