From now on, Perpendicular Reality will update irregularly. This means, you'll see two (or maybe even more) new comics when I have the time they require, but there'll be no updates when I'm buried in work.

You can still stay tuned by following us on Facebook or Twitter, and of course by RSS.

Have a nice summer!
Tenshiko & Daver

One Year

Perpendicular Reality is 1 year old today! Hurray! And thank you guys for reading!

Tenshiko and Daver

Back on track...

Got it? ;)

Anyway, we're back!

OMG no update this week? :O

Sad, but true. :( The time has come again, when I have to declare a no-update week. :(
That's life. Be back on next tuesday!

We are new!

Hey guys!

We got some totally awesome, NEW features!

The comments are fixed, hopefully there won't be any more spamming here! Of course this means, if you want to post a comment, you either have to type in the captcha, or register and type in your password (no captcha then)!
There is a new one-click-feedback opportunity for you: the rating stars! I'm sure you'll figure out how to use them. It is quite simple, really!
Feel free to use the forums for any discussion that you think it is the proper channel for!

Have fun!

Shiny New Forum!!

Hey guys,

Finally after almost a year(!) spambots have found us and started spamming the comments. Tough luck, spambots, we have a shiny new forum ready (hosted by!
Your old comments will stay where you put them, but you can not comment any more! Instead, use the forum buttons to navigate to the forums!

Happy Easter to you guys, and don't forget that Dr Who is coming back this weekend!!! :)


Recent updates may be delayed due to heavy sleep deprivation caused by the enormous amount of my homework! I am really sorry if I'm not on time, and I will try to finish the next comic asap (rss will be sent!).


Double Update!

09/02/2010 is double update time! I promised, I kept it. (Use the PREV button!)

+1 comic

Yes, yes, there WILL be one additional comic as soon as I finish it! It's a long process, so be patient! :)

Ski time!

Sorry guys, but we're off for a little after-exams skiing, and thanks to those pesky exams haven't got any comics ready for friday. But just to compensate you, there'll be three comics next week!


Tenshiko is doing exams again, so You are stuck with me. Tough luck! At least I'm not using paint this time around! :)

love you people,

Happy New Year!

Welcome back guys! It is 2010, and as I promised, we're back with a fantastic new comic!

Happy New Year!


Winter Break!

Hey guys,

School is over for this year, and Christmas is coming! So we also will take a break as should You. Spend time with your families, waste a LOT of time playing multiplayer videogames and eat a lot of Christmas cookies! :)

We will come back with new comics in January, in about 2 weeks time. (RSS will be sent, of course) Till then, have fun, and of course:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of You!

Tenshiko & Daver

Christmas Gifts

And the Competition is over!

Thank You for taking part! The winner will recieve his T-shirt around Christmas!


2 DAYS till Xmas Special deadline!!!

How about you win a Perpendicular Reality T-shirt for Christmas? Check out the Special Christmas Gift Competitiont under the NEWS tab! The winner gets a Tshirt like this:


I am back!

Yes, I'm back with a new comic!

Daver draws

Sorry guys, but I didn't have enough time to draw You the next comic (midterms and lots of homework...). So Daver came to my rescue and drew You his own idea (he wanted to do it for a long time now...).

Don't worry, before he draws something again, I will introduce him to the 3rd dimension! :)

Till then, don't forget about the XMAS COMPETITION! Read it under the News tab!


Special Christmas Gift Competition!

Would You like to get a special Perpendicular Reality T-shirt for christmas?

If you would, then come up with a plan to help Shady Guy and Mr Cat take over the Earth! They have their own plan, but how would You do it?
Write it down in a few sentences and send it to PERPENDICULAR[DOT]REALITY[AT]GMAIL[DOT]COM along with your T-shirt size and mailing address! Deadline: 6th december, 2009! The best will get a special T-shirt from us for Christmas! Isn't it great?

Start writing now!

Tenshiko & Daver

New downloadables!

Check out the new DR WHO wallpepers in the download section!

New Face

We've got new design! Awesome, isn't it? :)
You also can follow us now on twitter and facebook! More awesomeness is coming up in the comics soon!



The character Bizkit got her own category. Yeey!